Foundry 3 - Image Stack renames image

Foundry renames the image (Image Stack) and this has a direct impact on SEO. For example: drag-and-drop-img-517.jpg instead of the original name. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong or fix the bug :slight_smile:

Good morning @karol

Foundry doesn’t actually rename your image files. This is caused by Stacks itself. It renames dragged-and-dropped images in the sidebar palette. That said, because of this I also offer the Remote and WebP based image options which allow you to host the files yourself on your server and then link to them inside those two tools. This allows you to maintain the filenames however you like.


Thank you for your answer.

Sure thing. I’ve been enjoying using WebP images lately. They’re vasty smaller and can be compressed even further with tools like as well.

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