Foundry 3 is Here!

Foundry 3

Well, it is finally here after a year in a half of development Elixir has release Foundry 3. I have been a beta tester for the entire beta test and from the start the mantra from Elixir was he wanted it to be more streamlined, more modular, support the latest Bootstrap version, less code (no jQuery) and most importantly, for it to be easy to use.

All New

As he states, it was built from the ground up, all new code and nothing is carried over from Foundry 2. After using it for so long it is not as pleasing to use F2 anymore. The modular way the tools are in F3 are much more intuitive and make for better built sites.

Starter Kits

The Starter Kits are a great resource for the user to see just how easy it is to build a web page witht the tools of Foundry 3. Elixir really shows the versatility of the tools and how you have more control over web page.

Blacksmith Tool

The Blacksmith tooll was introduced to the beta testers and it blew us away. I find it the most intuitive and easy to use tool to fully customize the CSS of your web page. It forced me to study CSS a little more so that I can better understand so of the settings. But, even if you are novice like me in CSS, it is an easy tool to help you customize your site. And if you are a CSS wiz, it gives a great UI for applying cool CSS effects.

Every Tool You Need

Foundry 3 has the latest image formats, animations and other tools that are needed to build modern websites. The Columns tool is such a big improvement, the Color Pallatte management is improved. The list just goes on and on.

This release is a big improvement and I have enjoyed playing with it and trying to break things as well as bug hunt. I again encourage you to give it a go. Watch the tutorials, play with the Starter Kits to get a feel for the all of the tools. You will be pleased Iā€™m sure