Foundry 3 : motion foundry 2 and gallery f3 stack (shutter?)

will there also be an f3 version of the f2 motion stack?

Furthermore, I think a gallery is a must for f3 and also for alloy. For example, in alloy I now miss a gallary.

Will there also be an f3 version of shutter (gallery)?

compliments to foundy 3.

Hi @agl75 – Both of these questions are addressed in the Read Me: Foundry 3 Frequently Asked Questions post pinned to the top of the forum.

As for a Gallery with Alloy – Alloy is a blogging tool, its goal is not photo galleries.

This is a completely independent Stack made by @elixirgraphics and it will work just as well in F3 as it does in F2

Also, Alloy has never had a gallery component.

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