Foundry 3 Navigation Bar svg-graphic

Hi, ist it possible to add a svg-graphic to the NAVIGATION BAR (Branding > Logo) IN FOUNDRY 3?

You should be able to warehouse it or place it in resources and then add a url link to it if you choose remote url link to image instead of dropping an image in. Just ensure it is link to examplefile.svg instead of examplefile.jpg

Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 13.31.52

Thank you. I tried and it worked; however, the lighthouse sore went down.

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It can do depending on the amount of rendering and processing the browser needs to do for the SVG. If you have loads of unflattened layers or corners, curves and nodes in the SVG it can get a little overwhelming. Text using a serif or script-based typeface rendered as curves will have loads of nodes and curves. I work a lot with SVGs and they need their own close consideration. In some instances an SVG is far more efficient file size etc than an image, but in other instances the SVG may be small but is packing a lot of requirement to display and can be far more resource hungry than an image.


Hi, I tried it on an other page with a more easy SVG and there it worked out perfectly. However not in the nav bar. Thank you.