Foundry 3 - stacks visibility

I was using F2 and then switched to F3 when it was launched. Now that I don’t use F2 anymore, how can I remove or hide all the stacks that came with F2 from the stacks bar in RWClassic?

If you don’t need them any longer you can remove them from your RW Addons folder. Reveal the Addons Folder here in the RW menu:

Once that opens you’ll find a folder inside labeled Stacks and this is where your installed Stacks addons, like Foundry reside. At this point Quit RapidWeaver.

Inside there you should have both Foundry.stack and Foundry3.stack. Move that Foundry.stack to your desktop temporarily. Then Restart RW and open the Stacks library. You should find Foundry 2 is now gone. Keep that Foundry.stack file some place safe as a backup in the event you need it.

What about the Foundry Mason, Foundry Potion pack and Foundry Thunder Pack? I think these have become obsolete in F3.

Same process for Potion and Thunder. Move the associated files from the Stacks folder. Mason isn’t installed. It is simply a project file.

Done. Now, the stack palette looks simple.