Foundry 3 Update 3.2023.02.13 Icons

Thanks for the quick update of the orientation of the NavBar. After the update, I noticed that the title of the link is no longer there for the icons (badge)!

I don’t think in understand what you’re trying to describe. Please give me more details and a screenshot.

Icons have never had a title property tag. To be sure of this I went back into Github to check past commits and there was not title tag present. Maybe you didn’t notice it previously. :person_shrugging:

If it is something you want added, please be sure to file a feature request for me so I don’t lose sight of it for a future update:

Before the update it did not show up!

As I said titles properties were not included in the icon links previously nor in the 3.2023.02.13 update.

UPDATE: Now that I’m at my computer and not on my phone I thought I’d share the internal code with you for the links in Icons from before the update, thanks to my Github repo, below. By the way the previous time this code was updated before Feb. 13, 2023 was in October of 2022.

%[if %id=enable-link%]%<a href="%[if %id=enable-modal%]%#%[else]%%id=link -href%%[endif]%" %[if %id=enable-modal%]%data-bs-toggle="modal" data-bs-target="#%id=modal-id%"%[endif]% %[if %id=add-aria-label%]%aria-label="%id=aria-label -encodeHTML%"%[endif]%>%[endif]%<i class="bi %[if %("%id=bootstrap-icon%" != "")%]%%id=bootstrap-icon%%[else]%bi-%id=bootstrap-icon-custom%%[endif]%"></i>%[if %id=enable-link%]%</a>%[endif]%

If you disregard the Stacks variables and conditionals, that is the elements surrounded by %[ ]% tags, you’ll see there was no title tag present.