Foundry and Alloy SEO

As we’re sure you have figured out, we have a lot going on, in a very good way. We fully understand that SEO is on going, but it would be best to set up our NEW sites with strong strong SEO practices from the beginning.

Any and all SEO help and guidelines would be appreciate.

A BIG thanks, to all that have sent us a hand, Thank you!

It is such a broad subject that would best be answered on the Rapidweaver Community site.
I would head on over to the Rapidweaver forum. There are tons of information about SEO over there. Use the search feature and I am sure it will get you started.


Because of SEO is a “broad subject” is the reason that we asked the question here. We were trying draw from a smaller pool to help get our SEO plan up and running in the right direction without getting us overwhelmed.

We also we looking for Foundry and Alloy specific ideas.

Your first step is to run the Health Check built into Rapidweaver. I always start with that.