Foundry and CMS...are there options?


I am starting this thread per @elixirgraphics.
I am wondering, are there any options/examples that others have used to make FOUNDRY CMS Compatible. Looked through the Topics and found some threads though links I found from ZeeBee, all seemed to be broken.
Wondering if things still exist for a look about.

Would love to learn what others are doing to make Foundry work with a CMS model and if you have examples of Foundry projects, It would be AWESOME to see some. I love seeing the minds of designers and learning what CAN be done, when you add imagination, inspiration and passion. It’s often FUN to see what shows up.

Thanks for the time and the answers, I always enjoy the feedback.

What specifically are you looking for in examples? Are you looking for sites that are using a CMS with Foundry? If so you may not be able to tell any difference from a normal site as the CMS is the “backend” for the site developer and not front-facing.

Are you looking for a list of CMSes for RapidWeaver? If so you might simply hit up the Community site and do a search for CMS.

Or maybe you’re looking for something else specifically?

All good things and great areas to focus on. Thanks for the insight.

I guess I was looking to see what sites were created, what areas were made CMS and to see if there were tools that others used to implement CMS and marry it with Foundry.
Will head over to the Community page and see if there is anything there.

There won’t be any tools to “marry” the two. You’d just need to use the CMS inside of Foundry. There are many CMSes out there for RapidWeaver and they should all work fine inside of Foundry.

I used TotalCMS with Foundry: Feed N Flow. I also used Go CMS with it, but that site is currently back under development so I can’t share it. Then of course, there’s Alloy, which is bloody easy to use and beautiful. There’s tons of those examples.

It really depends what you need with your site. Are you looking for a straight blogging solution, do you need to be able to edit static content, (Easy CMS is good for this), or do you need a complex blogging and CMS solution? Once you answer those questions, people can suggest a good option.


@SanityBox, Thanks for the feedback.

I need access to allow changing of photos, some content and adding code to allow for processing of payments due to events being held. There is also a desire to have access to a photo gallery that can have pics added as well.
I guess that sums up the clients needs for now. So good to know there are options available. One of the great things about community are the things you learn.

@SanityBox, Just wanted to say too, that site Feed N Flow is beautiful. All done in Foundry? It is really beautiful I even located a few delicious recipes too! Great work!!! KUDOS!!!

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Thanks, and my wife was happy to hear you found recipes. It’s her side passion project. :slight_smile: