Foundry and Foundation is there a connection?

I realised the other day that FOUNDry and FOUNDation both start with the word FOUND !!

Is there a connection between the two ??

I know it isnt important, i have far too much spare time on my hands, but it would be interesting to know the answer !


Nope. None.

The name Foundry came about while brainstorming ideas with beta testers. The imagery of an anvil stuck I believe was the impetus for the original name idea since it invoked the idea of building something sturdy, from scratch. And since a Foundry is where one builds things, the two were joined.

Foundation is named after the framework of the same name that is used as the basis for that suite of stacks.

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Fair enough Adam, i was simply curious, thanks for your explanation.

Your mention of an Anvil, reminded me of a program i saw on the TV recently, about Blacksmiths, many many years ago, using an anvil to make an enormous chain, that with an anchor attached on the end was used by Large ships.