Foundry and MailChimp signup form

I use Foundry but can’t find Foundry stack to implement HTML code into
So I have implemented MailChimp signup form in a standard RW HTML stacks.

When previewing everything looks okay, but when publishing layout format strange.

URL to PHP page Format wrong

I have tried to change from PHP to HTML, but not better - you can navigate to page from navigationbar in top (Kontakt HTML)

I have used excatly same code snippet from MailChimp on a page were I have used a theme from Weaverthemes, where no strange formatting appear Format OK

I wonder if challenge can be attributed to Foundry - it’s my first project with Foundry.

There is not a Foundry HTML stack, as the Stacks plugin already comes with one when you purchase Stacks.

You must use a PHP file extension for pages that use PHP.

What do you see in particular that is not formatted correctly?
What part of the form

Best way is to show the difference

Right picture is from Foundry project - as you see it doesn’t match left picture

Hmmm… Below you will see a screenshot from the URL you posted above ( that you said is using Foundry that you labeled as “Format Wrong.”

I checked, and that page is using Foundry and does look as it should. This is why I was confused.

I see. In Safari and Opera it looks ok, but in Firefox and Chrome it looks like it doesn’t respond to CSS
Firefox is - supposed - the most used browser and Chrome is accelerating.
Safari is most on Mac and Opera is the best browser but not very used.

Whats most strange - on the “old” page, where I use a theme form WeaverThemes, it looks ok at all browsers???

I’m afraid I’m not seeing the problem in Firefox either:

I’d check to make sure your cache is cleared and that your copy of Firefox is up to date. That said, I am not seeing that problem here.

I found the reason.
For some reason Firefox block tracking (codesnippet from MailChimp) from THIS page but not from the other.
I’ve cancelled blocking but it’s strange, all the time I don’t remember having done with the other page.
But - IT’S the reason messing up my layout

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