Foundry Card stack ... border of footer

Im creating a site with Foundry

I am using the Card Stack

Here Scroll down to the Blue page entitled Endorsements.

I want to loose the grey border line above the footer . or change it to yellow but I cant figure out where it is coming from.
Very grateful for any advice !

Don’t think there’s anything in Settings that I can see. However, if you put this in the custom CSS panel it seems to work.

.card-footer {
	border-top: 0px;

As with all my CSS, please use at your own peril!



Thanks Rob.

I don’t really want any peril!

Is there a way I can achieve the same (column with footer ) that would be better?
I really don’t like that line. sBut don’t know how to keep footer even in column

@Domino I’m not sure what you’re doing. Should be easy to not have that line. Can you share a screenshot of your card stack settings? There are too many things you might be doing and hard to tell based on just looking at the example.

Card comes with a large variety of child stacks so not sure how you’ve constructed things. May be easiest to just use a Card Slice where you can add any stack you want inside a card.

@Rob. I saw this post and was interested in what you had proposed. Tried it but it doesn’t seem to work for me. It’s in the HTML Code, CSS tab. Any ideas why not? I have saved several of your comments on CSS for other items as well. Thanks for posting these. It helps me to learn a bit more.

Depending on where the other CSS is, what you entered may be getting overwritten. Try adding “!important” after 0px and before the “;”.

‘peril’ is just my jokey way of saying that I learned CSS by trial and error and that there may be more elegant ways of achieving the same result. The CSS I provided certainly won’t do any harm, so try it out, make sure you test it at different screen sizes, and if it works, then please use it. :sunglasses:


Can you paste the code you’re using here so we can take a look? It may be as @DLH says, the code is being over-written by something else.


I had made a lot of changes last week to get this one page created and published. Looking at it today, and without any code, I do NOT see any line between main and footer sections which is what @Domino was wondering how to get rid of. So whatever changes I did make, they are not creating line problems now. Thanks for responding.