Foundry Documents Request

It would be very beneficial (I think) if the Documentation webpage had a search icon. I believe that I saw in one of the great Foundry videos an example of how the Container stack was used, but cannot find it again.

Foundry is an amazing RW framework, but knowing where each stack is applicable on a webpage is vital knowledge to have. Perhaps, the RW Library would be a good place to link that knowledge to when the stack is selected.

I also saw a video in which another ‘container’ stack was used, but came with a lot of warnings in how it was to be used. There is a lot to learn with Foundry.


Foundry has extensive documentation on its site:

Most stacks in the documentation section have a tutorial video as well. An example would be the Container stack: Container Documentation

Additionally there’s a tutorial page on the Foundry site with tutorials like the “Building a simple site” that you might find useful: Learning Center: Foundry Tutorial Videos

There was also a series of videos the Realmac created you might also like:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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Adam, thanks so much for the quick response and links. I will take a look at each.

And, Thank You! for an amazing RW framework.

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