Foundry Feature Requests

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of feature requests for Foundry (as well as Potion Pack and Thunder Pack). I’ve been manually tracking these myself for quite some time internally.

I thought it might be easier though to create a public location for users to file requests. This way not only are they easily tracked by myself, but you may get ideas for requests of your own from other user submissions, or you may see someone has already requested something you were going to, saving you time of submitting it yourself. This also gives me a place to obtain more information from you when you file a request.

So I’ve built out a public Github Repository where you can file your requests in the Issues tab. This will be a good way for me to track your submissions for future inclusion in Foundry and its addon packs.

For now I’m limiting this feature request tracker solely to Foundry, Potion and Thunder. Please do not file requests in the tracker for anything else.

You can find the Foundry Feature Requests Github Repository here:

There are instructions on that landing page to explain the basics of what I need for a feature requests. As you file them I may refine these guidelines and workflow, we’ll just have to see how this all goes.

If you’ve made a request recently I’ve noted it in my internal list, but if you submit it in the Feature Request tracker that would be great as well, as others can see what you’ve requested. I’ll try to move some over when I have time myself, but currently I’m pretty busy with a large project, so it could be a while.


Also, please do no post your feature requests in this thread below. They belong in the Feature Request tracker linked to above.


That is great. Can we add the labels to Foundry, Potion and Thunder ourselves or is it better if you do this?

I don’t know if it will allow you to add them yourselves or not. When adding a request you can try though. Click the Labels link here, if it exists for you. My guess is that is will not let you, but I’m interested to see.

I honestly am not sure it will be present for you or allow you to. If not, I’m fine making tweaks and adding labels as I review them.

No, not possible for me.

Yeah, that was my guess. They probably don’t want non-contributors to a repository to be able to create and assign labels. No big deal. I’m happy to do it!


Just a quick reminder for those looking to submit feature requests via the repository linked to in the first post of this thread – please do not submit requests for anything besides Foundry, Potion and Thunder, as that is what the Github repository is for.

Please do not submit requests there for Alloy or other stacks or themes. This is outlined in the first post as well as the main page of the repository:

Requests submitted there for anything but Foundry, Potion or Thunder will be closed.


Request: Can this post be made a sticky?

It was a sticky for about 2 weeks. I don’t want it as a permanent sticky though.

Edit: I see now that you’re talking about the post relating to Alloy requests and not this thread as a whole. You can’t sticky a post within a thread as far as I know.

That said, the original post at the top of this thread already contains this information:

So I don’t think a sticky would help since the info is already at the top of the thread and on the GitHub repository page as well.