Foundry Footer - New Version?

I am new to Foundry and having a great time with it! When I use the Footer stack, I get a footer that looks like the one in the documentation.

But when I downloaded and viewed a couple of your free projects such as Spark, I see a much bigger footer with more options. Is that from an old version of Foundry? I want to do something like that for the site I am building. I know I could use other stacks and join them with no gutter, and I will do that if that’s the correct approach.

The “footer” areas in the project files you’re seeing are just simple Partials that I’ve built that contain a number of different stacks, such as Columns, Headers and Linked lists. If you click on the “footer” area and then use the Unpack button in the Stacks toolbar you’ll see each of these individual stacks unpacked from the Partial into their own unique elements.

The Footer stack is simply there for inserting the RapidWeaver Footer data from your General settings in the app. I often include the Footer stack into “footer” areas, like those you reference, so that the footer data is also included.

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Got it. I appreciate your rapid response! Thanks!

Not a problem. Multiple, single(-ish) purpose stacks can combine into a host of different combinations, which makes it fun and easy to build out creative footers, banners, call to action sections and more.