Foundry Form and GSuite Issue

Hi there. I’m using the standard Form in Foundry (which I’ve done many times) but am having issues with a new site I’ve built whose email is hosted with GSuite from Google.

The form just won’t deliver via email - not in spam - just never arrives.

Anyone know of a work-around for this? Cheers

Are you using the “Send with your email address” option at the bottom of the Form stack’s settings? Many hosts require this. In the event you do use that feature you must make sure that the email address where the form submission is going to (ie: the “Your Email” field in the Form stack’s settings) has a domain name that matches your host’s domain name.

Hi - many thanks. Yes, I’ve got that checked. I think it’s something to do with how GSuite handles the email. Anyone else experienced this?

Just out of curiosity – have you tried it without the “Send with your email address” option?

Hi there - yes I’ve tired both with and without. All very confusing! Thanks