Foundry Gallery - can't get stack to show 2 columns on mobile portrait view

Hi there!

Foundry newbie here… I’m using the foundry gallery stack in a project and can’t get the stack to display 2 rows of images in mobile portrait view… when checking with developer tools in safari I get only one row when on mobile breakpoint.
I checked the example on the foundry “gallery” page with the same tool and it shows two rows - so it must be possible (of course, Im doing something wrong here obviously…)
BTW: the demo project “build a one page portfolio” behaves the same like my project…

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Hi there @Bender – Do mean you can’t get it to display two columns on mobile? If that is the case you can adjust that here in the stack’s settings:


Change the mobile drop down there to something other than 1 image per row.

If that isn’t what you mean, then please post some screenshots of the problem you’re seeing.

Thanks for your quick reply!!
(Yes, of course I meant column -English is not my first language - got it mixed up…)

That’s exactly what I did, I switched the mobile gallery images to 2 per row, but it only shows one column on mobile portrait mode iPhone…
I made three screenshots: my project, the foundry demo project and the foundry gallery example.
I’d like it exactly as in the gallery demo.

I edited the thread title because of the mixup of columns and rows…

I’ll take a look and see what’s up with it. Could be that something in an update affected it along the way.

BTW: I get a similar problem with an 1LD instagram connect stack, which shows 1 column on iPad landscape when the stack is set to 3 columns on all the five different breakpoints… could be something different though, as I said - Foundry newbie :slight_smile:

I doubt they’re related directly. I already see the problem for my stack and it doesn’t deal with anything external from itself. I’ll add this fix in the next Foundry update.


Excellent, thanks a lot!!