Foundry installation problem

I bought Foundry and Potion Pack today. All acted as it should when I tried to install. Potion shows up in the addons and all of those stacks are in my library. The Foundry theme is installed as are all the stacks from Mason. None of the Foundry stacks are in my library.

I have restarted RapidWeaver a number of times. I rebooted the computer. I do not use Dropbox. I’ve watched the install video to be sure I did it right but Foundry is not in RW.

When I try to install again I get an error message “At least one add-on is older or the same version as the one already installed”. If I cancel there is no Foundry. If I tell it to continue installing I get a green check mark but there are no Foundry stacks, including the control center, in my library.

RW 8.8.3 (via Set App)
Stacks 4.2.2
Potion 2.1.0
Mason 0.6.0

What now?

How did you go about installing the stacks? I’m guessing you double-clicked the Foundry stack to install? If so, take a quick second to checkout the video on the Installation documentation page.

It might be caused by having multiple versions of RapidWeaver on your Mac.

After installing quit and restart RapidWeaver.

This was remedied by moving Foundry.stack from the Stacks folder into the Stacks>Externals folder. I don’t know how or why it went into the Stacks folder but I noticed all the add-ons that were working were in the Stacks>Externals folder.

Thanks for the quick response.

It should not be in the Externals folder. It is not an External. It should be in the Stacks folder.

Did you install Foundry as outlined in the video I linked you to?

If you’re having trouble with stacks addons working when properly installed in the Stacks folder I would highly recommend contacting @isaiah to get help with resolving this. Stacks addons should not be in the Externals folder.

I will contact @isaiah because there are new problems. All other add-ons I’ve installed, including other Elixir Graphics, are working properly.

If you have a second, for my own reference, could you let me know the answer to the above question?

I did install by double-click according to the video. From here out, I’ll do the drag and drop onto the app icon.

The video instructs that you should drag and drop the stack on RW. It even says it in the text below the video on the documentation page, if you decide not to watch the video:

I have tried the drag-n-drop and I get the same issue. I started with the double-click since it had worked for me before. I will only drag-n-drop from here out, but it does not resolve this issue.

Multiple copies of some of the components and others, including the Control Center, are missing. All icons in the library are missing & only the description remains. Potion Pack is fine. I’ve un-installed and re-installed RW but keep getting the same issue.

Give me a screenshot of your library please. Make it like this one so I can see everything and see your problem:

As for missing icons, please see this thread on the forum. This is a common mistake many users make when using Stacks. It is the first thread that comes up here on the forum when searching “missing icons” in the search tool:

(1) As I said in my last message, read this thread: Missing icons in stacks library

(2) Stacks do not belong in the Externals folder. They belong in that first Stacks folder in your screenshot. The only thing that should be in the Externals folder are Externals.

(3) It may be that your download was incomplete or corrupted. Perhaps it got interrupted during download. You may try re-downloading it from the link you received from your purchase and then reinstalling it.

If you continue to have problems with your Stacks library YourHead Software (@isaiah) may need to look at your setup.

I will contact Isaiah. I hear you about Externals but am confused as those are the ones that are working. Once I copy the Foundry Stack to the External folder (and get rid of the view I don’t need) all appears to be fine in RW. I can build pages without issue. I will start with Isaiah. Thank you for your help.