Foundry Mega Menu

Hi, how to make the logo smaller in Mega menu (I have used a smaller size but does not work)??? so it will be on the same line up with menu items and to line up with the banner text under. Please see attached screenshot.


The problem is more the dimensions of the logo than the size of it, if that makes any sense. That said we’d need a link to the site to be able to analyze the code and image file for the logo, as we can’t do that from a screenshot unfortunately.

Honestly part of the problem is the vast amount of content in that navigation bar. There’s a lot going on there and it’s just going to get tighter as the browser gets smaller.

@elixirgraphics thank you Adam for your reply.

Yes, it does make sense in regard to the logo dimensions. I have reduced the Nav. font size, now the logo is on the same line, but still large. anyway, here you are the link (…

Give this one a shot: - Droplr

All I did was add a little empty space above and below the logo in Photoshop by altering the Canvas Size.


@elixirgraphics , Thank you Adam
Appreciated it, it works much better now. I’ve also set the menu "Inner max-width " and banner to 1200 and it looks much better.


Glad it worked out for you! :smiley:

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