Foundry motion banner slow load

I have a motion banner at the top of my site.

I have 3 images reduced to 1000 pix and optimizied.

I have set the transition length to 5000 and Pause 8000

Looks great. BUT when my site loads it is blank for ages.

Is this because of my slow transition length? If so how can I add a started image so that there is something other than white before the slide show of 3 loads?

Do you have a link that you could share?

Thanks Steve J. False alarm though.

On further inspection I discovered it was only Safari.

I had block pop up windows checked in Security. I think this was what was preventing it from working properly.

So should I still have a back up still image inplace for just incase ?

I noticed this too as the first slide appears to animate in using the settings instead of appearing as the first fully displayed slide. This is more noticeable with long animation times.

However, a trick you can do is to set the BG colour of the Motion stack to a colour such as black which will make the first slide fade over the dark BG. This can work well for the fade effects adding a really nice initial fade in effect.


Hey there @Domino!

The Safari pop-up blocker shouldn’t prevent your slides from loading. I use Safari here almost exclusively unless I’m doing testing and I’ve not run into this myself. If you could post up a URL where you’re experiencing the problem I’ll take a look at it.

I have similar problems with

Any suggestions?

It is downloading your “discussing_features.mp4” file before it displays the banner images. That MP4 file is just under 10 megs, so it takes a while. I’d rethink using a video for that background, or see if you can compress it way down.


Thank you! Very helpful. I managed to reduce it to 1.4 megs…loading much faster!

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