"Foundry + MovingBox2 from Joe" Who can fix?

I’m confused, where i must ask: here or at Joe support.
MovingBox2 from Joe stop to work if i add into it a simple Foundry image.
If i made more complicated task, like adding into it some Foundry Card stacks with some Container over them, it start works, but can’t understand what really width of the window.

Who can help me with that? Can Adam’s and Joe’s support teams do it in coop-mode? Or Foundry simple “uncompatible” with MovingBox2 and i can forget about it in all Foundry projects?

Hi @Astx!

I don’t have a copy of Moving Box, so it might be best you talk with Joe about it. I have provided Tron on their support staff with a copy of Foundry already, so they should be able to work on troubleshooting it for you. If not they could get together with me if they run into problems.

Ok, thank You! I will ask them.

Sounds good. I’ve also reached out to Tron to let him know I can help if needed.

@Astx: Tron sent me over a copy of Moving Box 2 for testing. I think the problem is that Moving Box is getting hung up on a <noscript></noscript> tag in the Image stack that is used in conjunction with the Filters option of the Image stack. I’ll see if I can get it play nice without that <noscript></noscript> tag.

Any news about this?

Yes. I’ve fixed the bug and it will be in the next update. That update is a rather large one though and is currently in beta testing.