Foundry Nav Bar Pro and Cartloom

In the zone 3 of Nav Bar Pro I put 3 icons font (FA) stacks: 2 with a link to other (internal) pages and one with a snippet to the basket from cartloom (<a class="cartloom-viewcart" href="#">View Cart></a>).

When I put this snippet as a link to a normal button or also to an icon outside of Nav Bar Pro (always with original foundry stacks) it works very well, except when I do it with the icon font (FA) stack inside of nav bar pro - there I have no reaction (the snippet brings the cartloom shopping cart as an pop-up on the page).

Any Idea what I do wrong? Thanks in advance for help.

If you share your project file here with us it will be much easier to lend a hand in figuring out what you’re trying to do and whether someone here can assist you.

Create a ZIP file containing your project file, then use a service like WeTransfer to create a download link for us. You can share that link here with us so we can look at the project file.

Hi Adam, I send the link to adam at elixirgraphics.

OK. Being the weekend I’m out of the office. I suggested sharing it here so anyone in the forum could assist. I’ll take a look at it when I’m in the office next.

Just tried downloading the project file the URL you sent me. It unfortunately just took me to a blank page. The page finally loaded and it was a link expired message.Please create a ZIP file containing the project (the file you open and edit in RapidWeaver) and upload it to WeTransfer, then share the download link it gives you with me and I can take a look.

I send you the link again longer time ago - did you get it?

Please see the above reply. I received it and it was expired. After that I received nothing else. Post the new download link here.

Just received your project file. The view cart link isn’t going to work in the Nav Bar Pro stack. Nav Bar Pro’s code currently uses some code that prevents the cart code from triggering.

Additionally, but unrelated – You’re creating your link incorrectly.

This is what you’ve entered into your link for the icon in Nav Ba Pro:

<a class="cartloom-viewcart" href="#">View Cart></a>

Like so:

You should be doing it like this:

That said though, even with the link built properly in RW, the view cart link isn’t going to trigger it seems due to the way the two things interact.