Foundry Nav Bar Pro and Cartloom

In the zone 3 of Nav Bar Pro I put 3 icons font (FA) stacks: 2 with a link to other (internal) pages and one with a snippet to the basket from cartloom (<a class="cartloom-viewcart" href="#">View Cart></a>).

When I put this snippet as a link to a normal button or also to an icon outside of Nav Bar Pro (always with original foundry stacks) it works very well, except when I do it with the icon font (FA) stack inside of nav bar pro - there I have no reaction (the snippet brings the cartloom shopping cart as an pop-up on the page).

Any Idea what I do wrong? Thanks in advance for help.

If you share your project file here with us it will be much easier to lend a hand in figuring out what you’re trying to do and whether someone here can assist you.

Create a ZIP file containing your project file, then use a service like WeTransfer to create a download link for us. You can share that link here with us so we can look at the project file.

Hi Adam, I send the link to adam at elixirgraphics.

OK. Being the weekend I’m out of the office. I suggested sharing it here so anyone in the forum could assist. I’ll take a look at it when I’m in the office next.

Just tried downloading the project file the URL you sent me. It unfortunately just took me to a blank page. The page finally loaded and it was a link expired message.Please create a ZIP file containing the project (the file you open and edit in RapidWeaver) and upload it to WeTransfer, then share the download link it gives you with me and I can take a look.