Foundry Navigation - Feature or Bug?

I’m having great fun building a site with Foundry. I have sticky navigation set to the top right and have noticed that at a certain break point (which seems to be iPad portrait) the navigation links drop down below the logo and title to double the height of the navigation area before collapsing into the hamburger menu as you keep reducing the width of the browser window. Is the navigation bar supposed to behave this way or is it a bug? See below (normally the links are adjacent to the logo and title). Thanks!

This is happening because your site title, logo and navigation items cannot all fit on one line in the available space. The solution would be to reduce your navigation items, possibly reorganizing them a bit making use of child-level navigation items. You could also choose to hide the site logo at the Tablet breakpoint. It may help, but you’d have to try it out to see.

So the answer is really that it isn’t a bug, or a feature, but a bit too much content in the Navigation Bar.

Thanks for the quick reply. I will try those suggestions.

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