FOUNDRY + POTION Pack is such a powerful & fast combination

I am just finishing off my next Project which is made entirely with 100% Foundry with Potion Pack. I am blown away with how powerful this combination is when you use a building block approach to constructing layouts. Some of the new Potion stacks have multiple uses and can achieve things that were not previously possible without getting complex and still maintain speed of edit and preview. Foundry + Potion is FAST to create, edit, Preview and Publish.

Here is a sneak preview of the one of the pages:


Gary: Looks sweet! It will be nice to see this one when released.

Wow - looking forward to the release!

Thanks. Foundry + Potion really does make these type of layouts so much easier to build and maintain. Often these type of layouts needs care with the amount of text and a lot of time consuming tweaking to get everything to fit. Foundry makes it easy.

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