Foundry Project - Shutter

Hi guys,

So… I just want to share this little Foundry project file with you all that I’ve made for fun, what do you think?

Anyone interested? I can give it away, if someone wants it.
Just let me know :slight_smile:


Download project file here:


Looks good can you send it my way?

Looks great! Very nice work @vmcosta! :+1:

Very nice site! Gotta love Foundry!

Thanks guys,
You can download the project file here:

Have fun.


I get an endless banner on my iphone…

Seems to be working for me here on his demo site. It loads with the full-screen banner and then you can tab the arrow to scroll down or just scroll down manually by swiping upwards.

Ok. It’s an iPhone 4.

I’ll try and find my old iPhone 4 and dig it out and charge it up and give it a go. Anyone else running into this problem?

Design-wise it seems to display in responsive design mode ok:

Hi Matthias, just tested on my iPhone 4S and it is working fine also.