Foundry project w Ken Burns effect

##Precision Orthopaedics Perth

New client site for two orthopaedics surgeons in Perth, Australia. The Foundry Nav Bar stack integrates perfectly with Impact from Joe Workman for the Ken Burns effect on the banner. The scrolling ticker is done with Orbit also from Elixir Graphics. Contact form is using FormSnap by YabDab.


Creative use of Orbit there! Looking good!

Very creative and practical too! A tough combination to achieve - usually it one or the other. Thanks for sharing.

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Loving the look of the Ken Burns banner, it’s exactly what i wanted to do…how did you get the banner to go edge to edge, I am getting some white space on one side. Did you just drop the Impact stack and images into the Foundry banner stack? Would love a bit of help/guidance on how you did it - if you wouldn’t mind?

Hi @Wendyb thanks! I actually just dropped the Impact stacks directly below my Partial that has the Navigation Bar. It’s not contained within any other stack. As long as I have “Pair with Parent Banner” ticked, it magically knew to pair with my Impact slide. Just something I was experimenting with and happened to work. @elixirgraphics can probably explain the mechanics.


Interesting how you’re using it. Since you’re not placing the Navigation Bar into a Banner stack, which it needs for pairing, it is just getting positioned using absolute positioning and thus ends up floating over your slider stack there. Clever.