Foundry - Question - Form Pro stack

Good morning,

I’m using the Form Pro stack as an online pre-registration form (see :, accordion item ‘Préinscription en ligne’).

This allow me to collect customer info online, in order to speed up the face-to-face (in shop) registration process.

For this reason, I’d like to fire a conversion pixel (Google Ads / Facebook) once the form is succesfully submited.

So, I’m wondering, if there’s a way to redirect the visitor to a certain URL once the form has been filled and submited, instead of ‘simply’ displaying a success message?

Thank you in advance!

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Hey there @Yann – redirecting to a different URL isn’t a feature of the form stacks.

Hi @elixirgraphics,

Thank you for your response.

That’s too bad, but noted.

Have a great end of your day!

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