Foundry - Question - Sections stack

I hope you’re all doing well!

I’ve a quick question concerning Foundry’s Sections stack.

Indeed, I’d like to use this stack to create a mini quiz (answering a question by clicking on a button brings you to another section displaying the following question).

See: Découvrez en moins de deux minutes quel cours est fait pour vous !

For this reason, I don’t need to display any navigation item, but I still need anchors to be active.

I’ve ticked the “Hide [Navigation Items] at Mobile Breakpoint” box, so the navigation items are not displayed on Mobile.

But this doesn’t hide it on Desktop/Tablet devices, and if I untick the “Enable Navigation Items” the anchors are not active anymore.

So I’ve set the navigation items to 0% opacity to make them invisible but, as there’s a lot of navigation items, some of the users still click on those “invisible” navigation items by mistake.

I’m therefore wondering if there is a possibility to hide navigation items on every device, without deactivating the anchors?

Thank you in advance!


For this I use the quiz stack:


Hi @Fuellemann,

Thank you for your swift answer !

If possible, I’d like to build the quiz using Foundry stacks.

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Hey there @Yann

I would go with @Fuellemann’s recommendation. That stack is built for the purpose you’re trying to accomplish. Using Sections you’d be trying to bend it to do something it is not designed to do.

I would second this recommendation. I have used Quizzer with Foundry without any issues. Works well.

Hi @elixirgraphics and @wirrah,

Thank you for your answers, I’ll give a try to Quizzer when I’ll create the next Quiz.

Have a great weekend!