Foundry site Chrome, Firfefox desktop



Chrome problems caused by an issue at my end - I think I’ll blame post Brexit vote turmoil. Firefox still playing up but I imagine it will something at my end too.

Looking at the Foundry site on my mac, In Chrome I’m not getting the desktop version until 1150px wide even though on my ipad (1024px I think) it shows the desktop version (The individual project sites show desktop version below 1150.)
In Firefox on mac, at up to 1300px wide the home page banner content is offset to the right and if you swipe left white space shows on the right.
Other pages seem fine on Firefox and Safari fine too.
Does anyone else get this?

@razorbill: I must have missed your original post somehow. Sorry about that. If you post up a URL I can take a look. All browsers should be breaking at the same breakpoints. I suspect if they don’t appear to be, and are off by small amounts, it would be the browser at work, as only one set of breakpoints is programmed into the stacks.