Foundry Stack and Partials


I am doing a multipage Foundry project that I want the same basic settings I have on the home page copied to all the rest of the pages. Can I use partials with other stacks that I want to have the same look and feel: Foundry stack, Styles stack, Nav bar, etc.?


I use Partials with lots of different Foundry stacks already – the main Control Center stack, the Navigation Bar, Linked List and many more. You can place anything you like in a Partial. The caveat is this – Stacks, the plugin itself, does not bring the Foundry CSS into the Partial edit mode screen, so things will not look styled while editing the partials. This is a limitation of Stacks itself. I’ve talked with Isaiah about it. Things like Foundry, and the way we allow other stacks to use one main stack’s CSS were not on the radar when he envisioned or built partials. Maybe one day the CSS will be able to be carried over to Partials Edit mode or Partials will be editable inline or something.

All that said, Foundry stacks should work perfectly fine as Partials. I use them currently to maintain the same site-wide settings in the Control Center app, and much more.

Excellent. Thanks Adam.

Thanks also for the head’s up about the CSS file. I have been wondering about that.


Yeah, it is one of those things that just is, unfortunately. The only way around it would be to have each stack have its own separate CSS, but that would defeat the purpose of a system like Foundry, where you want to keep things simple and fast.

+1 for putting Foundry stacks and collections of Foundry stacks which you have finessed into partials.
Works beautifully, saves time and keeps your projects nice and light.

As Adam says the formatting of the partial can look a bit odd due to the non-existent CSS file - but that takes about 10 seconds to acclimatise to then you may not even notice it. I don’t think I do.

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Got some major Partials inside of Partials action on the main Foundry site: