Foundry Stack for proportional height?

I am trying to focus on foundry only stacks for a new project. (plus potion pack / thunder pack)
I am trying to build a banner / header section with foundry stacks and would like the banner to have identical height on all pages.
While the banner stack offers sizing in pixels I wonder if it can be done proportionally /%) while only using foundry stacks?
I tried jumbotron, backdrop and display stack as a banner alternative, but these stacks take their height from the actual content height, which isn´t identical, so I end up with different banner heights on different pages.

I also wander if it is possible to control the height of an image in a column layout. I want an image to always fill an equalised column, even if it´s getting cropped left/right, if nessecary.

The problem you’ll often run into with set height for things link banners or section of content is that you can end up with hidden and cropped off content. Using a fluid, of flexible, height is great because you end up with something that is very responsive and that guarantees that your content will not be cropped. So while a fixed height is a part of things like the Banner stack, I don’t think I personally have used it once.

That isn’t an option found in Foundry. Sorry.

Thanks for your reply, Adam.

I don´t like fixed pixel heights either.
Unfortunately I don´t like different banner heights as well :rofl:

I think I´ll go with the fixed height. as long as the content within the banners is well balanced on all pages, hidden or cropped off content shouldn’t´t be a problem.

I have encountered another problem concerning the display stack.
I want to have 4 of them on top of each other. Just 3 works fine, but as soon as I add a 4th display stack on the page, the layout breaks…

May I send you a zip file containing 2 pages (with 3 / with 4 display stacks on the page) to enable you to inspect this strange effect…?

Sure, send it on over. I have an errand to run after lunch, but will take a look as soon as possible.

Sent you a few replies to your direct message.

Looks like the problem has been solved. Was a non-Foundry stack for hyphenation.

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