Foundry stacks update on Rapidweaver 7 demo version?

Hi, having a bit of a strange one here…the foundry updates have appeared on my Rapidweaver 6, and all updates and theme updated OK, but am using the free trial of Rapidweaver 7 and I cant get the updates of the stacks through the auto updater?
Is this a bug, or something because I am using the free demo? Any ideas?

Couple questions –

(1) Do you have Foundry installed in both RW 6 and 7? Check to make sure just in case.
(2) Are you having RW 7 share the same library folder as RW 6?

Hi, not to hijack this post, but is that what happens when RW7 carries over the RW6 addons when you first open up RW7, it links to the same folder or does it create a new directory, so in essence you have two stacks folder, two themes folder.

RW 7 has a separate addons folder. You could change your addons folder in RW 7 to point to your RW 6 folder, but personally I wouldn’t suggest it.

(1) Yes Foundry is on both, the theme can update OK, but the auto updater for stacks is not working.
I am thinking that it’s a restriction of the trial? It’s not updating plugins (Stacks 3.2 for example) and just tried other stacks, same behaviour…no auto update.
(2) Don’t know about shared folder…just copied addons as it asked when I started using it.
I am not too worried really…as I am not going to update to RW7 quite at the moment…happy just to play around with it a bit more - it was just a strange thing?
Just a slight annoyance as all demo projects seem to be being produced in RW7 only!!
But we shall see if/when I upgrade???!!
Interested in your thoughts though

I don’t know what the limitations are of the trial. I’d assumed that it was just on the number of pages you could use in a project, but you would need to contact Realmac Software to check with them.