Foundry table CSV

I used your Foundary table CSV stack and it worked fine the first time. Now when I try to use it it takes all of my data from my table and put it all on one row. Why is that?

Sounds like your CSV file may not be formatted correctly or the program that saved it does not save it in a way that is compatible with the stack. It is really impossible for us to give much further help though without having a copy of your CSV stack in-hand. If you make a download link available to us that is a ZIP file containing your CSV file perhaps someone can look at it for you.

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Well I am using the latest version of excel. Is it possible that the newest version does not work with the foundry stacks table?

I don’t have or use Excel so I can’t test it here. A good test is the free Numbers app Apple offers. I use that here and it seems to properly export CSV data that the stack can read just fine. Again, it is hard to offer any sort of substantial help without having the CSV file. Sorry.

I just created a CSV file with the current version of Excel (from Office365). It loaded and displayed correctly in RW. It has 1580 rows in the table.

As Adam mentioned, we’d need a copy of a non-working CSV file to see what’s going on.

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I took the file and exported a new CSV file in Numbers and it worked. Thank you.

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Good to hear. Glad you got it sorted.