Foundry v1.1.0.0 coming soon

So I’ve been working hard on v1.1.0.0 of Foundry. The update will include several new stacks, additions and tweaks to the current stacks as well as bug fixes. I’ve got just about everything ready to go, but with the launch today of RW v7.1 I think I want hold off for a little bit longer to get some testing in under this new version of RW. I don’t want this update to take longer than necessary, but I do want it to be as solid as possible with the large number of changes that are in this free update.


Adam: I certainly understand waiting a little longer. Not a problem. But … might it be possible for you to briefly describe/outline the New stacks? It would be interesting to hear about even if I can’t use them for a week or more. Bug fixes and additions to old stacks we can learn about later. Possible to preview some of the newness?

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I’d rather wait in this case. If something turns up to be a major problem and I have to hold back on a stack or get rid of it altogether due to something in the new update I’d rather not have teased it and then not be able to deliver it. Always better safe than sorry. :slight_smile:

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Adam - excited about the new version. Thanks again for all the excellent work and also for the prompt and expert attention to everyones questions!

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Thanks @dgraf. Appreciate it.

Adam: Understood. I’ll try to be patient. :slight_smile: Keep up the great work.