Foundry v2.3.7.0 and Typeface

Just updated Foundry and see I have lost all the names of my fonts in Typeface. Cannot remember Google fonts I am using. Is there a way to go back to previous version to see these details.

Hi there @oldmaps

The v2.3.7 update didn’t change anything relating to Typeface. That code is completely unchanged from v2.3.6.

As a test I’ve loaded up a few projects here that use Typeface heavily and none are missing their fonts in the Typeface stack.

If you’d like to supply your project file I can take a quick look at it. You might also try using Apple’s Time Machine to go back and grab an earlier version of the project file to see if perhaps it is the project file itself.

Reverting to an earlier version of Foundry is not likely to resolve your problem.

As for figuring out your fonts – if you share a link to the live site I, or someone else here could take a look at the code and let you know what the font(s) are perhaps.

@oldmaps , I just installed the updates (Potion & Foundry). No problems here…
Maybe a stupid remark, but did you do a quit and restart of RW?


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Thank you Adam and Hans. I could have sworn that I restarted RapidWeaver but on reading your replies I did restart and am pleased to say all is well and back to normal.

I am one of those normally quiet RapidWeaver/Foundry users that works and slogs away each day and takes a break by reading the Forum. But on these rare occasions when I need help you are there to rescue me. A very big thank you.



Glad that @Panans’ suggestion worked for you! Have a fantastic rest of the week!

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