Foundry v2 fonts displays fine in simulate but not in preview?

Good Evening, I am wondering what I might have missed, when the [typeface] fonts set up displays okay in sumulate view, but not in preview nor on live site? I have also viewed in my phone live site via chrome browser, but no joy?

Hi @Jacko,

Have you read the Typeface documentation and (importantly) watched the videos?

I’d strongly recommend you self-host your fonts (full instructions in the video, which will take you step-by-step from zero to expert in no time).

Self-hosting eliminates any potential issues pulling fonts from Google, etc, on page load.

If this still gives you issues, we’ll need to see your project file (Upload it to a file-sharing service, and post the link here).

Good Morning, thanks for following up with me, may I ask the question this way?
Can I assume that standard fonts, are any fonts that have been validated via “Font Book” when using Apple? And when searching a font name that does not appear as found in Google fonts search, to be not a Google Font, and that typekit font sources would be from Adobe? And finally that a self hosting font has come from any where else?

In this instance I have validated a font, via Font book found supplied in Apple. I am having great difficulty to move a font from font book to the resources folder for example?

Hi, the FontBook will not help you here. When you are using “System Fonts”, these refer to the basic fonts already installed in most operating systems. But no special font you may find in your FontBook.

The best way to do this is to self host your fonts. Adam has talked about this in the documentation.

To GET the fonts, go here and download them:

Foundry 2 needs the WOFF format
Foundry 3 needs the WOFF2 format

So to use the font LATO in this example:
Foundry 2 → select HISTORIC SUPPORT, download the file and only copy the WOFF fonts into resources
Foundry 3 → select MODERN BROWSERS, download the file and only copy the WOFF2 fonts into resources

You can disregard the CSS snippets, as Foundry handles all these.

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You can, of course, go into Apple Photo Book, select the font you want, right-click, select ‘Show in Finder’, and then use the font’s .ttf file over on Font Squirrel’s Webfont Generator

Then continue, per Adam’s excellent self-hosting video. Apologies, the documentation link I posted above is for Foundry 3 - The F2 Typeface documentation is here.

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Good Morning Guys, Thanks for both of your speedy responses. I have both versions 2 and 3, so thats very helpful, just this project was in V2. trying to finish it off.
For some reason it works when simulated, viewing mode as opposed to edit mode. I will follow the self hosted options. Aslo I can’t select ‘show in finder’ when right clicking, finder? just confusing as to weather I can use it or not? Font is (Annai MN). Thanks again I will get to it. J

Interesting. Annai MN is a MacOS system font. You are 100% correct - it doesn’t allow right-clicks, and a Finder search doesn’t come up with anything even after I’ve downloaded it in Font Book, for some reason above my pay-grade :man_shrugging:

I’m not sure whether there might be a licensing issue with this particular font, but I’d suspect that a hunt around Google or Font Squirrel might unearth something similar that you like.

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Fonts from Typeface are not rendered in Edit Mode.