Foundry v2 Upgrade and Release Date Information

Another sublime integration in Foundry v2 … both Mask and Text Mask will be very useful :smiley: :+1:

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I bought Foundry, Alloy, plus both add-on packs on Nov 8, 2019. Foundry is so awesome I have NO problem paying an upgrade fee. Dude has to make a living, and his products make it SO EASY for me to make websites, that the time I save, I make back in $ on the first site. It goes without saying that any software developer with a good product is going to continue to develop his/her product so I fully expect there should be updates, paid or otherwise. I don’t care about what Joe Workman or someone else is offering…I have my reasons for buying Foundry and it didn’t

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Thanks @jeffro66 – There will indeed be plenty of free updates for Foundry v2, just as there have been for Foundry v1. Foundry v1 has been around for almost 4 years now and in that time I’ve put out a slew of updates. This isn’t going to change. I’ve also got plans for some updates for Potion, Thunder and Alloy, too.

Speaking of updates – as a fun aside that doesn’t have any affect on the product itself – all Foundry updates will come with a little metal-inspired code name. Foundry v2.0.0 will be: "Adamantium"


I want to see what Pop Up Gallery does!! :wink:

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Sounds like a good teaser tutorial video for the end of the week on a Friday, doesn’t it?!


yes it does!! I’ll tune in tomorrow!! haha… Adam Ant …ium

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Good luck with it Adam - You’ve got a dedicated band of followers waiting with anticipation!


It is Friday already here in sunny New Zealand!!

Sweet! You’ll have more time to anticipate it then! Hehehehe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Agree. Every money I spent on Foundry items was money well spent. Keep it up Adam! It’s a lovely gesture and goodwill to offer a grace period of 2 months. Your customers will appreciate this. I am owning Foundry since 2019 and always received great support. I’ll be one of the firsts who will purchase Foundry v2. Can’t wait!


Leading up to the Foundry v2 release we’ve been looking at some of the new stacks and features included in this release. Today we’re going to take a look at the new Pop Up Gallery stack.

This stack has style and configurability. It allows you to create a whole gallery of your images contained in a stack of thumbnails, which when clicked on opens up into an impressive lightboxed gallery.

In the first video we’ll be looking at how the stack works and showing you what it looks like once we’ve created a gallery:

In the second video we explain how to make use of the stack’s batch import feature. This is a bit more on the advanced side of things:


Pop Up Gallery is Brilliant!! can’t wait to implement it in a project!


Yes, I would say with the Batch Import feature :ok_hand:


Cancel my earlier disappointment.

Foundry v2 looks BRILLIANT! I’m looking forward to upgrading.

Ace job, Adam :+1:


I agree with you 100%! I’ve purchased all of the other frameworks whether new or upgraded within the last few months. I like them all for a lot of the different things it can do, but I see myself coming back to Foundry. And now I can’t wait for this upgrade.


How about a weekend sneak peek? Let’s take a look at some smaller stacks that will be making an appearance in Foundry v2:

Striped List

This new tool will allow you to make striped, linked lists. This is good for long lists, or even lists that expand out pretty far horizontally. Also good for a small vertical navigation as well.

Dot Leaders

The Dot Leaders stack lets you accomplish lists like you’d see in a table of contents or restaurant menu. While it is a simple stack overall in design, it fills a niche that was not as easy to accomplish before.


Yes, the Banner stack is not new. But we’ve upgraded it with some new features like gradient overlays, Dark Mode image swapping and more.


I’m going to post the full change log for Foundry v2 tomorrow. This stack-by-stack list will will let you comb through each of the individual changes.


Why is this video disabled, Adam ie the Updating Foundry V1 to version 2?

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Refresh the page and it should work again.

. . . . . Is it Tuesday yet?

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Can we use mobile menu in tablet view with v2?