Foundry Video Embed

I am a new user with Rapid Weaver, and I’m currently developing a website with Foundry, which I’m embedding video with the “Video Embed” Stack.

When designing the page on the desktop, the image was too wide. So I changed the video to 70% width, which worked much better. However, when viewing the page on a phone, the embedded video is way too small. 100% would be better in that other environment. With other stacks, there have been methods to allow different formats for different devices. Is there a way to do this, Foundry for the Video Embed Stack?

Many thanks in advance.


You need to put the Video Embed stack in a Margins stack and use that to set the width for the various screen sizes. Or a Container stack. Columns will also contain the width. Set the Video Embed stack to “Fill” in the Fill Mode setting. Many elements in Responsive Design have undefined widths so they can be elastic and fill whatever stack they are contained in.

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Hi David,

Thank for the advice. I tried using Margins originally and it just made the stacks contained within it disappear. I’ll keep playing I’m obviously doing something wrong. Cheers