Foundry Website Limit

Hi everyone, I’m super new to RW and I’m still trying to figure out if this is the right tool for me. I’m currently looking forward to buy the Foundry stack to make my Websites. I already saw at some other stacks that they were limited to the Domain they are used with. Is this the same for Foundry? At the Purchase page of the Alloy stack I saw that I can use it on unlimited Domains, but they are happy about a 10$ Donation for any Additional Side. Is this the same for Foundry or is it limited to a certain number of Websites or can I use it for an unlimited number of Websites? I also wasn’t ably to find any information about the License of Foundry. Is there a way to read them before you buy the stack?
Thanks Joel

Foundry is not limited in the number of sites you can build with it. Build until your heart is content.

The donation for my Alloy stack is completely optional at this time. You can build as many blogs as you like with Alloy as well, and is not limited to one domain.

What do you want to know specifically?

Thanks for the Answer @elixirgraphics. That sounds super Awesome I think you sold me on Foundry. I think because you told me that I can build as many Websites as I want that this also doesn’t limit the Websites to me as a Person? I can use this for client work as well, as long as the client don’t want to use a version of Foundry in their RW software. Is this right?

You can use it as much as you want but you cannot give it to clients. You would have to buy a copy of the software for the client if they need to use it.

That makes sense. Again a huge thank you for your fast support @elixirgraphics :+1:

Not a problem. Glad to help out.