Free Chef Project to Restaurants affected by COVID-19

Hi guys, I really hope everyone is safe these days.

Following the great initiative made by Mike @ RapidWeaver Forums
I’m going to offer the Chef Project file optimised for PaySnap 3 for Free to Restaurants affected by COVID-19.

Blunt copy below :wink:

If you are a restaurant owner ( or a designer volunteering your time to help build a restaurant website ) then I want to send you a free copy of Chef.

Just send me an email ( to ) with the restaurant name , email address, URL(If you have one) and where you are in the world. I will then send you a link to download a free copy of Chef at no cost.

NOTE: This project file require the Foundry theme, Foundry(1) suite of stacks, RapidWeaver 7 or newer. Also you will need Potion Pack & PaySnap 3.

We all need to do what we can to help each other. :grin: