Full window height hero video with Cinema?

I’m trying to use a combination of the Banner and Cinema stacks to get a full-window-height hero video banner. Said another way, I want the video’s scale to be responsive to window height, not just width.

It seems I can get the video to fill the width, but the only way to get the stacks to crop off the sides of the video and make it fill more of the screen is to manually set heights. That’s obviously not responsive and doesn’t create the sort of fullscreen look I’m going for.

Any advice on how to make this work?

Setting Cinema to be 100% of the browser height (100 vh) is not an option at this time. I’ll mark it down as a feature request for a future version. Currently I have a lot ahead of it however, so it isn’t something that will be coming soon.

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Hi @rubberduckey

You could always use CSS to achieve this, try this code on your CSS hud.
This is just a work around, to be on the safe side the best option is to wait for the update. :slight_smile:

#cinema_wrapper {
height: 100vh !important;
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Thank you! This appears to be working perfectly (in sim at least). Official support would be cool, but if it works, it works.