Future Posts Not Working in Alloy


Firstly Happy New Year to everyone!

I’ve discovered that when I use future posts on the Alloy blog, they are not being published but instead transferred to the drafts folder at the set publishing date and time. Why is this? What might I be doing wrong?

Many thanks,

Richard :blush::uk:

Is the post marked as a draft or live post? If it is a draft it will go to drafts. Draft status overrides future dates purposely.

If you’re not sure share a screenshot of the post in the editor with us.

Ahhh … I thought it would be simple! So it’s both setting it to live AND giving it a future date :man_facepalming:

Thank you!

Not a problem at all. Draft is a catch all to make sure it doesn’t publish at all. Future date takes a “live” post and makes it not “live” until the publish date.

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