Future request for Alloy

Hi Adam, I love Foundry and Alloy for blogging, have been using them for a few years in all my projects. They are great and irreplaceable! I miss one function for full happiness :slight_smile: I appreciate the possibilities of Embeds and Droplets, but I mean a front editor like the one from Armadillo CMS or Quick Editor Admin from OneLittleDesigner. Can we hope that one day a similar feature will come to Alloy?

You mean an on-page editor? If so that isn’t likely. Alloy is meant to be a backend setup. The two things are very different.

That’s exactly what I mean. After all, Armadillo Solo Content Stack combines these two solutions, you just need to log in and edit the content directly on the site, but I’ve been waiting for an update to the new version for a long time. :slight_smile: I will continue to use Alloy though because it’s the best CMS for Rapidweaver. Thank you for all the work you put into building this tool is amazing!

Alloy isn’t really designed to be a CMS honestly. I know people push it beyond what it is designed to do, but what you’re looking for isn’t something I’d currently interested in offering. I know that’s obviously not what you want to hear, but I like to be upfront about things like this. I have thoughts on where I’d like to go with Alloy, but I have yet to start fleshing those ideas out.

I’ve used both Solo content and Easy Editor. They work well, when they work. But they are at the mercy of browser pickyness, so when they go wrong, it’s not nice.

edits in dashboards are the best, most robust solution, IMO.

I’m a big fan of Alloy. I use it on almost all new sites now, even if for just a bit of content updating by the client. I’ve moved away from all other frameworks to Foundry 2 for most projects now, so I can use Alloy. This is only going to increase with F3, where I plan to start to rebuild older non-Foundry sites in F3 (existing Foundry sites will remain at No.2, for the time being.)

Alloy is (IMO) an excellent tool. It offers a nice mix of features and is extremely easy to customise and “manage” behind the scenes, so to speak. Right now I’m building a new site using a lot of embeds. The new site is being built on a sub domain. Once done, it’s an easy job to move everything to the main domain by simply copying over the files and editing the path to the embeds within RW.

It’s the little touches like this that make it my go-to blog/content editing platform.

If I were to request one thing: It’s the ability to manage the width of the full entry page. It’s easy enough to do with the css below, but an option in settings would be nice :slight_smile:

.full-post {
max-width: 800px;
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;

I know this can be done with the Conditional stack. But for such a small edit that feels like an OTT solution.