Future Templates

I know your working on Foundry updates, are there any project/template files (like mason, carpenter) in the work for Foundry? Perhaps with some gravitate, orbit 2 or flux mixed in. They are such a big time saver in creating layouts.

Hi, did you have a look at the templates from @egomade at https://www.egomade.com ?


Yes, I have them :grin:

I was looking for more overlapping designs, scroll effects or different slideshow layouts.


Perhaps @egomade has some templates and project files in store for us? That said, I also have some I’ve been working on as well. They’ll come around when I get updates all finished. Working very hard on it currently. One thing that is holding me back right now is finding quiet time for video recording.

Good news! Just in time for the holiday$

We’ll see. The holidays are always a rough time to release something.

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