FYI--Don't rely on Version History in RW Community

A while back I had responded to a query about calendars in the Foundry category with a note about Weavium’s Kalendar. The OP responded that it hadn’t been updated since 2018, so the OP did not consider it. I thought the date thing was odd but had no time then to review.

I just now noticed that Rapid Weaver Community Kalendar RapidWeaver Stack | RapidWeaver Community shows Kalendar Version History with latest version 1.0.7 from 2018. However, from the Weavum site, Kalendar - RapidWeaver Stack by Weavium the current version is 2.4.4 and the Change Log shows many updates since 1.0.7.

I checked a couple others including YourHead’s Stacks, and they also were behind in version history on RW Community. I presume the developer is responsible for updating those version histories in RW Community, but apparently some (many?) don’t keep it up to date.

So don’t forgo investigating a particular stack/addon based on outdated info.

And vendors, please update RW Community.


Closing post as replying user has deleted account.