Gabs Kitchen. Food for Friends. Food menu and online orders

Gabs Kitchen. Food for Friends.

Simple online food ordering site for a small home cooking food service.
Foundry with some little help of the “Live Data” stack, “Form Loom” plugin and my “Live Data Condition” stack.


  • The dishes and their prices on the menu are populated from a Google spreadsheet (via the Live Data Stack)
  • Orders taken via the form are send as mails (order confirmation and order notification) and stored into a Google spreadsheet (via Form Loom) including some additional fields like the calendar week of the order.
  • The order form is hidden once a number of orders has come in (small self written Live Data Condition Stack, the number of available orders is also set up in the Google spreadsheet)
  • Newsletter signup for Mail Chimp CRM for the weekly menu

So the owner can update the menu via Google Sheets and has a track of all orders for every week.


Can I ask how you created thes screenshots of this entire site @HeikoK ?


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As @jacksona pointed out, that’s the “scrolling capture” feature of CleanShot X.

Thanks @heikoK @jacksona . Another very slick looking app for the Mac :grinning:

Thanks for sharing the fruits of your labours with regards to the website entitled ‘Gabs Kitchen’ @HeikoK . I’ve been asked to set up something similar. Not yet at the stage in which I’ve implemented an ordering form, menu request or newsletter sign up. Was it relatively straightforward ? #thanksforsharing

The usual answer is “it depends” :see_no_evil::rofl:

Setting up the Google Spreadsheet for reading via Live Data Stack and writing the orders via FormLoom was a little bit fiddly, but not a big deal.

There’s a small update in the works, replacing the FormLoom plugin with the FormSnap stacks, so I can use the Dishes from the Google Spreadsheet also in the form labels and mail templates, which just looks nicer and enhances the user experience a bit. (FormLoom over FormSnap supports validation rules which I was using in a first version of the site, but this is no longer required)