Galleries for Client

Hi, I’ve been asked to build a website for a friend - she runs a make-over and photoshoot business. She would like the option to create galleries to display photos from her clients (that give their permission). So she would be adding new galleries for each person. (She wants to be able to upload the photos herself not come to me on each occasion.)

What is the best way to do this within a Foundry based website? If it helps I do have the Shutter Stack, Alloy stack (embeds or droplets?). Or do I need to look at another CMS type product (that’s compatible with Foundry)?

I can work out how to add more pictures to an existing gallery, but not to create a new gallery (and add a name etc.)

Thank you.

How many photos per gallery and can the client process the taken shots prior to uploading, or does all the processing (reducing size and quality etc.) need to be handled automatically once uploaded?

The answer to those questions won’t help much narrow down the choice for stacks based solutions, as there really isn’t anything, but it will help in pointing you to a something suitable that exists outside the RW world, which you can then add to your site.

There are plenty of gallery sgtacks for RW, but nothing that can create a gallery on-the-fly, all browserside.

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Thank you. You’ve probably answered the question about whether there is anything in the RW world. I’ve not come across anything.

The friend is not computer literate - I’m going to suggest that I just update them when she needs them - even if I do set up some form of CMS system she’ll probably be asking me, so I erring on keeping things simple.


Stress upon them how preparing images for the web is not as straightforward as they most likely think. And if they get it wrong they can kill their search results overnight.

I don’t mind letting clients edit text on a site, but I’m always very reluctant to allow them to edit images and galleries, as they almost always mess things up.

All good points. Thank you. Although I’ve built a few websites now, it’s the first time I’m trying to build anything beyond a basic blog for the client to update so it’s very helpful. Thank you.