Gallery Feature request

I love the Gallery but is it possible to adjust the gutters between the thumbnails? if not that would be an immensely useful feature. Thanks!

Welcome to the community @jeffro66!

I have that on my list to look at in the next week or so for the next update to Foundry. I want to include it, but will have to see how it works out.


awesome! thanks! I’ve tried Gallery 3 and Pro Gallery 2. They’re good but neither have the All the features I’d like. Hover states, Auto generate square thumbnails, customizable grid etc… I’m hoping You can Come up with a gallery as awesome as the rest of the Foundry stuff!!

Not sure what you mean here. There is already a Gallery stack included with Foundry.

Yes I know. I tried using it, but couldn’t adjust the gutters and there seems to be very little control over the style. The other stacks I referenced each have some nice features that I’d like to see in the Foundry Gallery stack…(if/when you decide to update it…) Your Foundry gallery is nice and simple, so I’d be happy with it if I could control the layout easier. Another nice feature might be that instead of having to hit the plus sign to add images, we could just type in a # of images in a field and it automatically creates the correct # of Dropzones… just ideas…

Like I said I’ll look at the gutters feature. No promises though right now.

The Stacks API does not work that way, so that will unfortunately not be a feature.