Gallery in Alloy


I was wondering how do you add gallery to a blog in the editor on Alloy?

Thanks in advance.

That is not a feature of Alloy.

Thanks for the feedback, any plan of supporting this in future?

I don’t currently have plans for a gallery within a blog post.

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Just thought it would be amazing feature if implemented down the line, thanks anyhow for your feedback.

If you have an example and use case you’d like to share I’ll keep it open for consideration in the future.

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Thanks! I will definitely share a use case project scenario with you later on, thanks for support always.

Here is a link of a sample website, the client wants to be able to update the featured gallery on the Home page, also when clicked on view more, that will take their visitors to a dedicated gallery page. Please see the screenshot below,

Thanks in advance.

This isn’t really a blog post though, right? You can just create a page on the site that has a gallery. I think blog posts and other content are getting muddled together here, IMHO.

The blog post will be embedded on the homepage as a featured post with minimum gallery of few imagery which will be edible by the client.

Editable by the client rather.

Then you don’t need a gallery in a blog post then. Read up on Alloy’s Droplets feature. :wink:

oh ok! I will have a look on the Droplets feature then, thank you.