Gallery on mobile vertically offset


I’m new to Foundry.

When I add the gallery stack to my page the lightbox displays fine on the desktop, but my images on mobile are vertically centered on the whole page, so you have to scroll to see them and to find the close and play box. Less than optimal, to use an understatement.

I downloaded a few of the available project files like Ember and although they work fine on my phone when viewed on the elixir website, they also, straight out of the box, suffer from this bug when I upload them on my server. I updated PHP on the server to version 7, but that didn’t make any difference.

What do I do wrong? Any ideas?

Hi there @Mare

I’m not sure I’m grasping the problem you’re running into. Perhaps you can provide me with an example of the problem, URL and screenshots will help too.

Currently if I visit the Gallery documentation page on a mobile device (in my case an iPhone), the gallery appears fine, and when I tap on an image it is enlarged like so:

As for PHP – that will not matter as the Gallery is not PHP based.

Okay, this is getting weird. When I upload it to one domain on my server the gallery in the original ember project works fine, BUT when I upload it to another domain it doesn’t. They are domain names hosted on the same server. It might be a caching issue, or a conflict with the current website, made in RW7. Example: the ember project is in but in is the older website. I unfortunately can’t publish the real domains here.

I’m going to look into this, I’ll keep you posted.


Can you send me a direct message with the URLs of the problem page as well as the URL of the page that is working as it should?

Hi while writing you a private message and researching I found the problem.

it has NOTHING to do with the Foundry stack, but is a problem with domain redirects.

One domain (where everything works fine) is registered with my hosting provider, and the other domain is registered with an external domain registrar (

That domain gets redirected to a folder on my web server and apparently something goes wrong after the redirect, and Rapidweaver can’t find the exact size of the screen. It works fine on the desktop and on a tablet but fails on my iPhone.

I’m looking into it on how I could fix this.

Hey @Mare – after looking over your URLs you sent me, it appears that your host is wrapping the page in an iFrame, which is not responsive. This is leading to a lot of problems for the site. You’ll want to talk to them and ask them if theres a way to do redirects without that iFrame wrapper.

Yeah, I figured that out. I’ve sent them a request.