Gallery Stack - display larger images in the Lightbox

Hi, what’s up ?

I try to enlarge the images in the Lightbox in the Gallery stack. On computer it is 845px large. I would like to go for 1100px.

Is it possible please ?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

How large is the original photo?

Thanks for your quick answer :slight_smile: 2000px

Send over a ZIP file containing your project file and your image(s) and I will have a look.

Please don’t smile… I’m a bigginner… :slight_smile: What’s you email address please ?

You can send it over at adam at elixirgraphics dot com… if it is a large ZIP file, over say 5mb, then send it to that email address using something like Dropbox or a similar app.

I sent it to the address that shown up when I tipped Adam… Mac address… Tell me if you get it please ?

I got the ZIP file, but only the project file was included. There were no images in the ZIP file. I’d like to take a look at those as well. Thanks.

this is strange… on my side I can see the pictures, but already resized in 842px large… What am I doing wrong ? I send it again to the other address… :wink:

I wanted to have copies of the original images (outside of RW) so I can compare the files to those inside the project.

Got it now… I make an other transfer :wink:

Also, check to see if you have the Automatically Resize Larger Images setting turned on in the RapidWeaver preferences:

It was turned off. Do I need to turn it on please ?

An original photo’s size:

This matches the photos inside of the project file as well:

So the reason it is no bigger than 842 x 596 px in size is because that is the size of the original image you’re adding to the Gallery stack. Open up your image in Photoshop or a similar image app and you’ll be able to check those image dimensions as well.

While the file name may say 2000px, that is not the actual size of the images.

Oops… :(:(:frowning: 1000x sorry, my mistake… So the Stack always display the original size in the Lightbox ?

It will resize it responsively to fit the display, but yes, it uses the original image you drop in.

In my soft, the “Don’t expand” was checked… pfffff :slight_smile: Thank you Adam for your precious help

No problem. Glad to help and glad we got it sorted for you.

:v::+1: COngrats and sorry again… I feel… as you can imagine… :slight_smile:

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No big deal, really. :+1: